jsys  Janet System Utilities Functions - jsys


Provide exported definitions of system level functions for multiple operating systems.

Where sensible provide a unified interface to facilitate ease of use, but allow for direct usage of system level functions for when a user's needs lay outside the bounds of predetermination.


With jpm you can now install this with:

jpm install https://github.com/llmII/jsys

and import the module. Nothing's been tested so though it loads, and shows documentation for each export, expect that things may not work as specified!

NOTE: Nothing has been tested at this time.

If there are issues, file a Issue here or a Ticket here.

Want another system specific function? File a Ticket/Issue and/or submit a pull request or email the author a patch. Author may consider implementing a system specific function on behalf of the submitter of a ticket under a few conditions.

One condition to make note of is the flock family of functions. Those won't be implemented for *nix systems due to the greater capability of fnctl.

To sum the conditions up: 1. No additional function that serves the same purpose as an already existing function except to replace the former wherein the function provides greater capability except where doing so enhances portability to certain systems.