Unnamed Fossil Project  Table of Contents

  1. Jumble - llmII’s collection of Janet utilities
    1. Installation:
    2. Use:
  2. Submodules
    1. jumble/aliasing
    2. jumble/moddoc
    3. Future: jumble/defun
  3. NOTES:
    1. Create tests
    2. Fix jumble-redef to expose a better interface

Jumble - llmII’s collection of Janet utilities

For some reason I believe others may find these useful. Rather than having these hide in other things I write as non-exported definitions, the things that inspire that belief will find their place here.


One can install this with jpm install https://github.com/llmII/jumble


We’ll strive to have a decent doc string for things where we can so just use the REPL and Janet’s doc function. When such seems insufficient, or something warrants a deeper explanation, we’ll place such near the end of the README.

The main thing however, is (import jumble) and use jumble/*. That or you could (use jumble) where living with the prefix jumble seems like too much noise for you.



When you import jumble these should be available under jumble/* and are utilities for creating aliases to a symbol such that when you have a symbol sym you can create aliases like sym-alias that will share all properties that sym has (meaning the doc string for both will be the same), with there being an option to have one property that is differing from the original sym, being whether or not the new alias sym-alias is exported.


Utilities for modifying the doc strings of dyns.

Future: jumble/defun


README.md is generated from the README.org file, so there may be instances where the README.org is more up to date, though we’ll try to avoid that.

TODO Create tests

TODO Fix jumble-redef to expose a better interface

Right now it has a few definitions for redef with export as true or not. Need to do this in a better way.