Unnamed Fossil Project  Table of Contents

  1. jscreenshot - A utility for screenshotting and screen recording
  2. Installation:
  3. Usage:
  4. Dependencies
    1. Build
    2. Run
  5. Future
  6. Credits

jscreenshot - A utility for screenshotting and screen recording

In an effort to avoid dealing with shell escaping, enable more complex pipelines and user prompts, and to be able to generate an executable, jscreenshot was born.


One can install this with jpm install https://github.com/llmII/jscreenshot


Once one has installed this, there will be a binary named screenshot in whichever directory they have jpm configured to install binaries. From there usage is pretty much self representative, as when one launches the application it will guide them through a series of steps to take a screenshot, take a recording, or end a recording.



  • jumble
  • spawn-utils
  • jsys


  • grim
  • slurp
  • wf-recorder
  • swaymsg
  • pgrep
  • pkill


This works great as is, but only if one runs wayland, and sway. We are not averse to the extension of this to support x11, or other window managers/compositors. It definitely would be nice for this to support more selection tools (like rofi) or drop some dependencies on external applications. This should also be improved to create the underlying directories in which it will store images/videos. It’d be nice for this to separate dependencies into a “recording” and “screenshotting” subsets and be capable of running with reduced functionality in the event we are missing a set of dependencies as well.


bakpakin - janet sogaiu - discussion, code improvements