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18 check-ins

2021-11-30 11:55
Add TODO.org Leaf check-in: 058ceb094e user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-30 11:24
Add a README check-in: c52b389d23 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-30 02:02
Oops, feature-executable was missing a file. check-in: 07cb8aa7c5 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-30 02:01
Oops, forgot to commit the project.janet Leaf check-in: dc5994fee9 user: llmII tags: feature-executable
2021-11-30 01:59
Merge in the feature-executable branch. check-in: f0875a29d0 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-30 01:57
Working executable generation. check-in: be33eed4f1 user: llmII tags: feature-executable
2021-11-30 00:37
Remove spawn-utils, fix up environment handling. check-in: bfd9c2255c user: llmII tags: feature-executable
2021-11-29 21:55
Splitting up code in preperation, moving work to another machine. check-in: 23639c9e4f user: llmII tags: feature-executable
2021-11-29 13:09
Merge in feature: recording check-in: 72910f5212 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-29 13:08
Fix audio recording. Leaf check-in: e2db1f0c74 user: llmII tags: feature-recording
2021-11-29 13:03
Merge in feature: screen recording. check-in: 82d7bcdc43 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-29 13:01
Finish recording feature, fix '\n' in file names. check-in: 4e7ae529ac user: llmII tags: feature-recording
2021-11-29 12:17
Make `select-choice` easier to understand. check-in: 617b16c1ea user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-29 12:12
Begin work on the screen recording feature. check-in: 6654f3b6b5 user: llmII tags: feature-recording
2021-11-29 11:23
Fix shadowing of `prompt`. check-in: aaac11df39 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-29 11:16
Fix selection of selection tool, improve code. check-in: 966af1b028 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-29 03:38
Functioning as a screenshotter now. check-in: e317e96bb6 user: llmII tags: trunk
2021-11-25 03:43
initial empty check-in check-in: de9b6978e9 user: llmII tags: trunk